The first ever brain surgery to completely use robotics was conducted at Ankara University’s Medical Faculty Brains and Nerve Surgery Department.

Dr. Umit Eroglu conducted the operation on the female patient, 50, using only the Da Vinci robot to remove a skull base tumor starting from the mouth.He said that a big tumor on a bone of the patient, who was discharged from the hospital in April, bonding the skull and backbone was discovered and it caused erosion on bone and the skull base. The surgeon said that there are varying attitudes about robotic surgery in the world. But, he added, there is no other example of this operation, which was carried out completely with robotics surgery.

Recovery was quick

Dr. Eroglu explained that the area where the tumor was located was deep, narrow and hard to reach and the success of an operation like that with today’s methods is low. However, he said that robotics surgery provides great advantages for patients who have similar situations. “Two days after the surgery the problems of the patient were minimized and she was discharged from the hospital. This is actually a great success,” he added.Supporting the surgery was the head of the department, professor Sukru Çaglar, who said that after traditional surgeries like this, not using robotics, patients usually experience swallowing difficulties, palate problems, throat swelling and dyspnea.

“The surgery was successful, and the patient did not have any such problems. The wound healed quicker than normal, as well,” Çaglar added. He said that robotics technology can be used in restricted fields and with a limited patient group in brain surgery.”However, the first robotic surgery was done by our team successfully. This technology will minimize the problems of patients after the surgery and maximize their life quality,” he concluded.




Source: Daily Sabah


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