Konya’s Selcuk University on June 17 launched Turkey’s first underwater archaeology research vessel in Antalya.

With teams from Warsaw and Naples, the university will set off in July 1 to discover the underwater archaeological richness of the Mediterranean, spanning until Aug. 31.

A ceremony was held at the Antalya Setur Marina to launch the vessel Selcuk-1. Selcuk University Rector Hakkı Gokbel said the vessel would also serve for marine biology research.

The vessel, which will also work as the education vessel for the UNESCO Underwater Archaeology UNITWIN Network, belongs to the Selcuk University Underwater Research and Application Center. The 18-year-old, 26-meter-long vessel has a capacity for 20 people and was donated to the university by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

With its seven underwater cameras, sonar scanner systems, diving equipment and a lifter, the vessel is the only one in Turkey in the field.

Within the scope of the ship’s summer program, an underwater excavation will be carried out in Antalya’s Adrasan cove.





Source Hurriyet

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