Even a single visit to Turkey is enough to reach the conclusion that you cannot turn a corner in the country without bumping into a kebab restaurant. Turks love all types of kebabs. It is such a popular dish that nearly each province in the country has its own kebab specific to their region.

Kebab is a word that is generally used in Turkey to refer to certain meat dishes prepared in restaurants. Meat dishes in Turkey started to be named kebab only after the cultural interaction with Iraq; Syria along with the country’s other Middle Eastern neighbors. Today, the different types of kebabs that are prepared in eastern and southeastern Turkey have spread throughout the country.

The country’s southeastern Gaziantep and Sanliurfa provinces are particularly renowned for their kebabs. With the east of Turkey being the origin of the kebab, you can try a vast variety during a visit. Besides the “original” kebab, with the main ingredients being a mix of meat with different spices along with tomatoes, lettuce and onions, the “Patlican Kebabi” (eggplant kebab), grilled thick slices of kebab lined up between similarly thick slices of eggplant, with the juices of the eggplant seeping into the meat to give it a distinct flavor; the “Alinazik,” grilled kebab – you also have the option of choosing meat cubes – over a delicious eggplant, yogurt and garlic puree; the “Ciger Kebabi” (liver kebab); the “Simit Kebabi,” made of thick pistachio puree folded into a minced meat and bulghur mixture, are among the some of the most mouth-watering dishes that will change how you look at kebab culture and continue to linger on your taste buds for years to come. You have the option of enjoying your kebab either as a meal served on a plate or in the form of a wrap, which is called “durum” in Turkish. Try both and you will not be disappointed by either.

If you choose to have your kebab as a meal served on a plate, you will receive your kebab with a thin layer of lavash bread under the meat, giving you the option of rolling it into a wrap yourself if you wish, adding whatever salad items you might want to include.

The kebab is dish that is slightly heavy on the digestive system, so one very important aspect of eating kebab is choosing the right place to eat it. The meat used to prepare the dish must be of good quality and prepared under hygienic conditions as the lack thereof may cause you to never want to see another kebab again. So before going into a restaurant to eat kebab, try to find a good – the internet is a great guide to help you find one in your location that will not disappoint.


Source:  Daily Sabah

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