Health Minister Mehmet Muezzinoglu announced that foreign nationals whose diploma or specialization certificates are approved by the Higher Education Council can work at public institutions.

Speaking at a press conference, Muezzinoglu said that nearly 500 foreign physicians are currently working in Turkey, most often in the private sector, pointing to the significance of health tourism and the potential of public hospitals.

“A draft law on foreign nationals’ employment is being discussed at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. If the draft law is approved and passed during the general council meeting in January, these physicians will be able to work at state institutions,” Muezzinoglu said.

The minister also said that the developments in the country’s health industry are exemplary. “We are responsible for introducing recent health developments around Turkey to our citizens. Air ambulances equipped to fly at night will operate soon, for instance.

“Patients will be able to be immediately transferred to the right hospital during day-time hours, but they are carried only to the nearest hospital at night. They have to wait until the next day to be transferred to an advanced hospital if they require further treatment. Air ambulances will enable us to transfer them,” he concluded.




Source Daily Sabah

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