Foreign companies in Turkey applied to register 12,476 trademarks in the first 10 months of the year, according to reports in media outlets on Sunday.

The reports showed that out of 87,207 trademark applications in the country, 74,731 were filed by domestic companies, while 12,476 were filed by foreign firms. US and EU companies filed the most applications, while Chinese and Russian companies weren’t too far behind. In the January-October period, US companies filed the most applications out of foreign firms, with 2,277; Germany came second, with 2,003 applications.

France followed, with 922 applications; and Switzerland came in fourth, with 866 applications. China was fifth with 750 applications, followed by Italy with 737, the United Kingdom with 700 and Russia with 184. Most applications for trademarks were filled out in March, when 10,305 of the 87,207 applications were received; April saw the second highest number of applications, with 10,117. January followed, with 9,549 applications; May was next, with 9,449; and February came fifth, with 9,435. Germany submitted the most applications that were approved, followed by the US.



Source Zaman

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