Turkey increased the number of work permits it grants to foreign women, compared to men, in 2012, as part of an overall 86 percent increase in approved work permits compared to the previous year.

Some 32,272 foreigners were granted work permits by the Turkish government in 2012, 19,546 of whom were female workers, thus making it the first time that the number of female workers has exceeded that of male workers.
There was a 133 percent increase in work permits issued to foreign women workers in comparison to the 8,379 women in 2011, while the increase in permits issued to foreign males was at 42 percent, with 12,726 permits issued in 2012.

A total of 125,697 foreigners were issued with work permits between 2003 and 2012, demonstrating a notable increase in foreign workers in Turkey, particularly when taking into account that a total of 885 work permits were issued in 2003.

Analysis of the number of work permits issued according to occupation reveals that domestic jobs topped the list with 8,863 foreigners, while jobs in the hospitality sector were in second place with 4,953 work permits.

Meanwhile, inspectors of the Social Security Institution (SGK) launched a new campaign last week to track down household workers working illegally without a work permit or insurance. Foreigners without a work permit are being sent back to their home countries, and families who hire domestic without insurance are being fined up to hundreds of thousands of Turkish Liras.


Source Hürriyet

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