French travel writer Christian Bex, 70, has visited Turkey’s touristic paradise Fethiye and is touring the historic and natural wonders of the district. Bex is expected to promote Fethiye through his travel blog.

The French author and his daughter Camilla Devars Bex will be touring all over Fethiye for a week as guests of the Deniz Chamber of Commerce in Turkey.

Speaking to the press, Bex said he came to Turkey previously but this time he has the chance to get to know the country better. Stating that the region has unique historic and natural texture, adding that Fethiye has incredible tourism potential, Bex said, “Fethiye and its surroundings have developed immensely over the years. There are new restaurants, cafes and hotels everywhere, but the coast and nature of the district have managed to preserve their state of being untouched.”

Bex also stated the French mostly prefer Spanish coasts for holiday, however, he said Fethiye is more beautiful than Spain in terms of natural beauties.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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