A waiter accused of murdering two Northern Ireland women in Turkey has appeared at a special court hearing.

Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, both in their 50s, were stabbed to death in Izmir, 75 miles from the Turkish tourist resort of Kusadasi, where they were staying.

A hearing took place on Wednesday to decide if the man accused of their murders, Recep Cetin, is to be tried as an adult of a juvenile.

The judge has ordered that bone tests on Chetin are sent for further

examination to the Department of Forensics in Istanbul.


When Cetin was arrested there were no records of how old he was but last week bone tests proved he is 22-years-old – five years older than he claimed to be.

The tests were carried out after the prosecution expressed doubts his age.

If Cetin – a waiter and former boyfriend of Marion Graham’s daughter Shannon – is tried as an adult he could face life imprisonment for the double murder.

The victims, who were from the Newry area and were best friends, died after suffering multiple stab wounds. Their bodies were found in woods last August.

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