Even though you may already have been in Bodrum, you will find that there are many places you will have missed.

Going from Kusadasi is easy. At present the bus leaves the main oto garage (bus station) at 7.30am and 7.45am. My coach left on time though you have to remember that many of these coaches travel from all over Turkey and there may be slight delays.

Getting a ticket is easy; show either your passport or residence card and your ticket will be sent to your Turkish mobile phone if you have one, or you will get a printed ticket. The number of the coach bay and your allocated seat number will be printed on it.

We stopped for a 15 minute break at Bafa Lake where you could get a tea or coffee. It also made for some great photo opportunities.

On arrival at Bodrum main bus station you can either get a taxi into the centre (The last time I used  it, it cost 80 Lira). This time I took the Dolmus (10 lira). There are machines to buy cards to use on the Dolmus, though the driver accepted 10 lira from me.

The Dolmus will take you to the main Dolmus station and you are only a few minutes’ walk to the shops along the seafront.

I took the 9pm coach back to Kusadasi. NOTE: Times may change as we are coming into the tourist season.

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