With a new project, Mugla’s Geyik Canyon will be a new area for nature lovers. The project aims to bring the canyon into the light of tourism with more visitors. The canyon is home to different types of plant species and wild animals.

The 20-meter long Geyik Canyon, which is known as a “hidden nature heaven” within the borders of Ula district’s Arıcılar village in the western province of Mugla, will be the new address for adventurers with a new project.

The canyon, which is surrounded with large and small waterfalls, has been drawing interest from nature sportsmen and photographers. Named Geyik (deer) because it is on a route deer take, is home to different types of plant species, wild animals and racetracks, as well as many unique waterfalls.

The Ula District Governorate and Arıcılar village administration have initiated a project to bring the canyon into the light of tourism. The Southern Aegean Development Agency (GEKA) has also decided to give financial support to the project.

The head of Arıcılar village, Mehmet Uzun said they had prepared the “Natural Haven: Geyik Canyon Project” in collaboration with the Ula Governorate, proposed the project to GEKA and gained the right to receive 260,000 Turkish Liras of financial support. He said they had been working for years to promote the canyon and draw more visitors to the area, adding visitors were far away from city life while walking in the canyon.

Uzun said Arıcılar village was the starting point of Geyik Canyon, adding, “Racetracks in the 20-meter canyon draw great interest from visitors. When the project is done, promotional events will be organized and Geyik Canyon, which is the only area in which mountain goats live and is transitional route for deer, will be a popular place among locals and foreigners.” Uzun said in addition to visitors from other countries, the canyon was a camp area for mountaineers from the surrounding cities.

Bee products
He said almost all locals in the village were involved in apiculture and added, “Within the project, there will be educational endeavors for villagers in order to diversify bee products. Young people will be given foreign language classes to provide guides for foreign visitors. Web sites will be made to promote the canyon in Turkey and abroad. Maps will be created and view terraces will be established.”

Uzun noted in recent years, Geyik Canyon has hosted nature lovers, mountaineers and university students. “When the work is done, we expect to host 20,000 visitors a year,” he said.


Source Hurriyet

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