Cab-bikes,” which have been put to operation by the Luleburgaz Municipality to help decrease the factors of climate change as part of the Grant Scheme of Capacity Building in Turkey’s Climate Change of Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA), continue their services in the Luleburgaz district of Kirklareli province.

These tri-wheel vehicles, which are common in Far East countries, and are known as “tuk-tuk” in some of them, serve people free of charge.

Luleburgaz Mayor Emin Halebak told Anadolu Agency (AA) that the cab-bikes are a center of interest.

Stressing that the increase in the number of motor vehicles expedites climate change, Halebak reported that the cab-bikes, which are a part of the project titled “We Tackle Climate Change with Our Bikes,” are not harmful to the environment or nature.

“2017 was the year with bikes in the Luleburgaz Municipality. We have prepared themes for every year. We also made a secondary project that will we conduct with the European Union within the bike project. We started to use the cab-bikes in the town in order to decrease global warming, global climate change and carbon footprint. The project, which has cost 50,000 euros, will continue for a year. We present this service free of charge now. We provide transportation for elderly people, pregnant women, handicapped people and families that have children under the age of 10.”

Hasan Kocarslan, one of the cab-bike drivers, said people are happy and satisfied when they use these vehicles. Noting especially elders show interest, Kocarslan continued, “We hear elderly people’s good comments like: ‘So glad we have you,’ ‘May God Bless you,’ ‘You think of us.’ This is why we are really happy.”

Emin Akbiyik also thanked the Luleburgaz Municipality for the service of the cab-bikes.


Source:  Daily Sabah

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