Create beautiful memories in this beautiful family hotel. You will be welcomed by Mehmet, Oktay and Metin (the three brothers who own the premises).

I have often walked past and thought it looked pretty with its many tree blossoms and flowers which surround the hotel.

Recently a friend called me in as I was walking past. I sat and had a coffee with her, and she said that they would not mind if I wanted to use the pool and sunbeds.

Before I left, I thought that I had known the 3 brothers all my life.

The following Saturday morning I made my way to Gultepe (about 2 mins from my apartment) and one of the brothers came out to greet me. I was not asked to purchase any food or drink, though when you think of the price that some of the beach clubs charge, I bought a coffee and a water.

I know that is not a lot, there is a basic menu, however at 8:30 am, I never want to eat. I tried to give them a tip and they refused. The next day I turned up with some Turkish biscuits.

Gultepe is only about 5 minutes’ walk from the beach where there are many restaurants and tourist type shops.

It is not far from the bus stop which will take you into the centre of Kusadasi.

Overall, the hotel has a great atmosphere, and you are made very welcome.

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