A centuries-old traditional sport, mounted javelin throw, is now the most popular winter activity in some villages in Kars.

Javelin throwers, who gathered in the Kekec village of Kars’ Selim district, threw the first javelins of the year after the first snow. Mounted javelin teams from the Baskoy and Kekec villages got stuck in the snow for approximately two hours.

After the first play was finished, javelin-loving children take the horses out walking on the field to let the animals relax for a while. When the competition was done, the winning team congratulated the losing one.

Javelin thrower Ilhami Yildiz spoke to Anadolu Agency (AA) about the first play of the year.

“We try to make this traditional sport live on, which was given to us from our ancestors. We believe that throwing javelin will be developed if our friends in need are supported in terms of horse care and feeding,” said Yildiz.

Another javelin thrower, Pir Sefa Boz, reiterated that the sport is one of the indispensable activities of the region, and added: “After feeding our animals, we throw javelin in a village once a week in winter. We enjoy our time by throwing javelin here. It is easier to play it on the snow in winter. The javelins do not pose a risk of injury for the horses thanks to the soft ground offered by the snow.”Caglar Ozbas, a member of the Kekec Village Riding Center, said they play the game more cautiously if there is less snow, and stressed that they enjoy the game more on snowy ground.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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