Recently a UK couple visited the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre to seek some advice on how to go about getting SGK insurance.

The advice centre decided to send one of their bilinqual volunteers with them to help with the process. As it was their first time to assist with this insurance it may have taken slightly longer to organise than it should have but now they have a step by step guide  on how to apply and what you will need.


What you will need …..

1)      Your residence permit.

2)      Photocopies of your passport.

3)      3 passport photos (to take to hospital )

4)      If you are married  you will need your

wedding certificate translated and stamped by the notary (cost around 80 TL ).

5)      A full medical report. (see below for details ).

What you need to do…..

Go to the state hospital and book in for a full medical exam .You can book for this at the admin office inside main door on the left .

On the day of your medical you will be asked to visit around 7 different departments  where you will have blood tests , x rays, eye test etc….

When your medical is complete you must bring the form back to the admin office.

The charge for the medical exam is 144 TL per person.

You will also need to bring a utility bill in your name to the nufus office to prove you are a resident ( there is no charge for this ).

Where you need to go …..

You go to the Sgk offices where you will complete the application for the government insurance.

What this couple had to say about the application process….

‘’ We were so happy we contacted the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre first as we don’t think we would have been able to do this without the help of a Turkish speaker  who was able to quide us through the whole process.It took about a week in total to get everythıng done but we are happy now as we know it was all done correctly ‘’.

We would like to point out that this couple also did not have to pay any arrears on this policy as they had just reached 12 months of residency when they applied.

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