There are many reasons to visit Turkey. You can enjoy crystal clear waters, amazing landscapes, historical sites and many fun-filled activities are also to be found. Shopping is fantastic whether you wander around in the large bazaars or pick-up a souvenir at a local market. No matter where you visit, you will be assured of a warm welcome from the time you land, and throughout your stay.

However, the big question remains, “Is Turkey safe?”

It is important to note that Turkey remains open and there is no increased risk in visiting other regions of Turkey.

There can be no guarantee of complete safety, anywhere in the world, for any individual traveller that nothing unpleasant will ever happen, but almost all visits to Turkey are problem free.

Vigilance is all-important when you are traveling to foreign countries. When you are in unfamiliar territory, you cannot take anything for granted. You must be more careful than usual, since you won’t be able to access home support and backup.

On February 6, 2023, the south-eastern region of Turkey suffered a magnitude 7.8 earthquake and access to the affected areas has been restricted to allow for recovery efforts.

We have watched the tragedy unfold over the last few weeks from our homes here in the west coast and indeed from many other regions in Turkey. Thousands of expats have made Turkey their home and indeed many are continuing to make that move to Turkey without any problems.

Again, on the 20th February the same region has suffered more quakes with thousands of aftershocks. Before these earthquakes many people would not have hesitated to visit some of these areas. They may be concerned and may not travel to the affected area in the near future.

Nevertheless, most of Turkey is relatively safe to tour, but knowing what to do or expect can help you have the best experience possible during your visit.

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