We all know never to leave children or pets in a car when the outside temperature is extremely hot. However, there are many items you should not leave in a hot car.

Bottled Water

Can act as a lens, refracting sunlight into a point and causing your interior to burst into flames. Also, plastic bottles can leak tiny plastic particles into the water when the bottle gets hot – these can cause harm if these particles build up in your body.

Aerosol cans

Pressurised spray cans, such as cleaner sprays, hair spray, deodorant or anything are very prone to heat. Check the side of the can and you’ll see a recommended storage temperature. As the can heats up in a hot car, the contents will expand, leading to cracks or damage in the container, or in some severe cases, the contents can even explode.


These handy power cells are also vulnerable to the heat. Batteries contain strong acids and corrosive materials that can damage your skin on contact or your lungs if breathed in. If left in a hot car for too long, the containers can crack and melt, allowing these chemicals to seep out.

Disposable lighters

Much like aerosol spray cans, disposable lighters contain gas under pressure. If the heat gets to them, they can explode, cracking windows or breaking internal fixtures whilst spreading flammable fluid all over your car, which could potentially catch fire.

Fizzy drinks in cans

Again, you’re looking at pressurised liquids in thin metal containers – a familiar story by now. Soft drink cans are not immune to the heat and can explode in the car. Even if the can rupturing doesn’t cause damage, then cleaning your car when it’s covered in sticky, sugary liquid is still a nightmare. Additionally, the heat can make them spoil and go rancid.


Even though smartphones are designed to operate at quite high temperatures, when you leave a phone in the sun, this can push it above the safe operating temperature. Whilst the phone is unlikely to explode, the fine electronics and the battery can be damaged beyond repair by the heat.

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