On the heels of Turkey’s record electricity consumption,Istanbul has also broken its daily water consumption record, reaching 2.7 million cubic meters, according to the Istanbul Waterworks Authority (İSKİ).

Istanbul’s reservoirs, which were at 80 percent capacity, dropped by 8 percent over the last 15 days.

During this same period last year, Istanbul’s reservoirs were 82.8 percent full and have now dropped down to 75 percent due to the increased water consumption. The reservoirs were 90.5 percent full in March, 93.37 percent full in April, 92.4 percent full

in May and 85.5 percent full in June.Istanbul has enough water left to last through the first three months of next year, according to İSKİ projections.

With the level of rainfall this year, Istanbul’s reservoirs registered 558 million cubic meters of water. Out of the past 10 years, 2009 witnessed the most rainfall, while 2008 saw the least rainfall.

Meanwhile, the reservoirs on Istanbul’s European side are at 72.49 percent capacity, while the reservoirs on the Anatolian side of the city are 78.13 percent full. Istanbul’s Pabuçdere reservoir is the most full at 89.4 percent, while Alibey reservoir is the most depleted at 42.9 percent.

Source Hurriyet.

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