Turkey currently exports garlic to countries such as France, Georgia and Poland.  No matter where you look when you go to our local markets you will see bulbs of garlic hanging everywhere.

Turkish old wives remedies suggest that if you eat a bowl of yogurt with garlic mashed into it – it may cure food poisoning or if you have a stye on your eye, a bulb of garlic carefully rubbed on the stye is considered to be a cure.  Remember these are old wives tails and I am not suggesting that you start rubbing garlic into your eyes.

Jen Miller kindly sent me this article on the Health Benefits of Garlic, According to Science and these include:

1.    Garlic can help prevent fatigue

2.    Garlic is effective in the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases

3.    Garlic can help enhance the immune function

4.    Garlic contains anti-cancer properties

5.    Garlic can help in the prevention and treatment of diabetes mellitus

6.    Garlic contains anti-microbial properties

7.    Garlic can help protect against hepatotoxicity and is an effective detoxifier

8.    Garlic can help improve the health of bones

9.    Garlic is rich in antioxidants

10. Garlic can help improve cognitive function

11. Garlic can help improve skin health

12. Garlic can be used in fighting obesity

13. Garlic can help protect against premenstrual syndrome

14. Garlic can help promote a healthy alkaline pH Level

15. Garlic can help promote eye health

To read in detail about the above and to find some fantastic recipes just go to the following link.


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