Turkish automaker Karsan has acquired the brand rights to the Italian design giant Bertone.

As well as its museum in Italy, but waits to earn commercial rights after lending to the company that has entered court bankruptcy proceedings last week.

Karsan, which has been manufacturing commercial vehicles for big brands, demonstrated serious interests in acquiring Bertone a year ago, said Emre Akın, Karsan’s Corporate Communications and Legal Affairs Director.

We pushed the button after a preliminary evaluation.Authorities from Bertone then told us ‘Help us to pay our short-term debts until completing your assessment if you are interested in us.   We accepted this, thinking this may put us in an advantageous position in case of a sale.

Bertone transferred all rights of the Bertone brand and Bertone museum in Italy in return for this support of over 2 million euros,” he told daily Hürriyet. Sait said Karsan has concluded Bertone’s debts amounted to more than the company declared and gave up the acquisition. “After this point we will sell all brand rights we own through court to get back the money we lent or ask Bertone to give the commercial rights of the brand and the museum as well. We took steps and are waiting for the result,” he said.


Source Hurriyet

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