Christmas and New Year are traditionally times when you re-evaluate your old life and look to make improvements. Yet so often the good intentions that started us off, quickly evaporate as those old habits tighten their grip.

Now, though, help is at hand – help that will allow each and every one of you to dig deep into your inner strength and resources, and realise that those old habits can be gone, forever.


If you are seriously contemplating kicking the nicotine habit, Didim’s first and only hypnotherapy clinic has the tools and skills to help you on your way to becoming not just an ex-smoker, but a non-smoker!

Just one session at The Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic can help you stop smoking easily. It may seem impossible… but it is not. At all.

By using a tried and tested formula of explaining the psychology behind smoking at the beginning (with some often surprising revelations) and backing this up with some powerful hypnotherapeutic techniques, hundreds of smokers have found it easy to quit. Now, Kate Ashley-Norman, D.Hyp.MIAPH has bought these techniques to Turkey.

Hypnotherapy for smoking cessation is so successful, because unlike other methods of quitting you receive immediate rewards for your efforts; you feel an immense sense of pride and satisfaction… you receive an immediate boost to your willpower… you gain a huge amount of confidence in your ability to remain a non-smoker… situations that used to make you feel stressed or anxious, now just relax you… your confidence is SUPERCHARGED… you feel fitter… healthier… less stressed.

If you received a fantastic sense of well-being, calmness and pride every time you got yourself in a situation where you used to have a cigarette, why would you want or need to smoke again? But most importantly, the desire to no longer smoke comes from you, from the effort and strength you put into the session. It is you who stops you smoking, and it is you who stays the non-smoker. The hypnotherapist merely provides the tools and insight.


Anyone who is seriously overweight and has been struggling with yoyo diets over a number of years has probably, at some stage, toyed with the idea of opting for gastric band surgery. The perceived benefits seem, at first glance, to overcome any possible negative side effects.

In the UK stringent NHS criteria mean that many who may benefit are not eligible. Another option is to go private, but this could cost thousands (on average £7000). Yet even if it did become a viable option, we are talking here about major invasive surgery, painful side effects, weeks required for recovery post surgery, and no hard and fast guarantees of it working.

As Turkey’s first ever licensed practitioner of the Hypno-Band weight loss system, the Didim Hypnotherapy Clinic can now offer English speakers living on the Aegean coast a viable alternative that gives all the benefits of gastric band surgery, with NONE of the side effects – and all at a fraction of the cost!

Hypno-Band uses a combination of suggestion, visualisation and cognitive behavioural therapy techniques which help in the journey to sustained weight loss. By having a virtual gastric band ‘fitted’ into the subconscious of the mind, you will find that you only need to eat smaller portions and have your hunger satisfied earlier.

As well as the virtual gastric band, you also deal with general empowerment and control issues around food, and emotional and psychological issues, and confidence boosting.

The Hypno-Band weight loss system is used worldwide, and testimonials as to its efficacy can be found on its website


Hypnosis (from the Greek word for sleep – ‘hypnos’) has been used for thousands of years for all kinds of emotional, psychological and habitual problems. Contrary to popular belief you do not fall asleep, you remain fully on control, and experience a sense of deep relaxation.

Kate Ashley-Norman D.Hyp. MIAPH has long been a firm advocate of the power of hypnotherapy and the ability of an individual’s mind to overcome many different types of issues. Over the years she has used hypnotherapy herself to cope with a massive smoking habit, weight issues, social anxiety, natural childbirth, and general ‘empowerment’.

Hypnotherapy in Turkey is scarcely used outside the major metropolises. As a result Kate has decided to bring this incredible therapy to help the English speaking community in Turkey. From her dedicated premises in the coastal town of Didim, Kate welcomes visitors both locally, and from many other corners of the Aegean coast and beyond.

Kate can be contacted anytime on 0544 3298466, email

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