Welcome to the Kusadasi Dart Sports Club Association – Roy Percival

Following on from the huge success of the Kusadasi Darts League- KDL over the last 3 years I am pleased to announce the forming of an association covering ALL sports and including such diversity as aerobics and folk dancing in and around Kusadasi. The association is a fully registered body which allows us to obtain sponsorship and to have fund raising events. This association has been fully ratified by both Aydin and Kusadasi councils, registration number 09-020-185. The purpose of the association was originally to ensure that the Monday night Darts League was fully legalised, but more importantly now is the fact that we are also affiliated to the Turkish Directorate of Youth and Sports.

It is the association’s responsibility to help to develop sports of all kinds for the local Turkish youth, and to this end we are in the process of organising Darts Leagues in 10 Kusadasi schools, starting in the 2017 winter season. What better way to improve mathematics as well as developing camaraderie between schools?

The association has to rely on the generosity of people and businesses to survive as it is a totally non profit organisation, regularly audited. To start with we need equipment, lighting etc for 10 schools plus coaching certificates for people to train the kids. In a very short time we have already seen the generosity of local businesses, far too many to mention individually.

We start with Darts, but will diversify in future. We have been allocated 10,000 sq metres of land next to the AVM centre opposite Kipa for a sports venue, so some time in the future we will have a great home.

At this point I have to give a special mention toHuseyin Kerimoglu from Pasa Restaurant based in Sogucak. He has spent a great deal of his own money as well as time to kick start this organisation and we can’t thank him enoughJ. The same applies to Maggie Percival, Maureen Stewart , Doreen Sherran and John Hall so far who have been working hard to get the very best raffle prizes J


Roy Percival

Sports Director

Kusadasi Dart Sports Club Association

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