Over the last three days turtle hatchlings have completed their journey from the beach to the sea.

A total of 51 hatchlings were counted as they made their journey to the sea at Love Beach.

The area where the turtles had laid their eggs was cordoned off and it was the dedication of one man who stayed to observe that the nests were not disturbed and who ensured that the young hatchlings made it to the sea.

Turkey is one of the most important nesting areas of these species and more than half of the population of Green sea turtles nest in Turkey.

Every year in early summer, Caretta Caretta sea turtles come to lay their eggs on the beach where they themselves hatched, and approximately two months later, baby turtles begin to walk towards the sea.  This is a particularly dangerous time for the baby turtles as they head to the sea and begin their own solitary lives before returning to lay their eggs where they themselves hatched from.


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