Kusadasi is a beloved tourist destination for people from all over Europe, but mostly from the northern parts of the continent. Warmer climate, numerous attractions, beautiful beaches and incomparable sense of Orient can make this small Aegean town a real paradise for tourists. Some foreigners are so impressed by the exotic local area, so they can decide to take advantage of the attractive offers of the local property market and to remain here throughout the year.

Geography. Kusadasi is located on the west coast of Turkey. It is situated in the central part of a vast bay of 37° north latitude and 27° east longitude. This is one of the most

popular Turkish resorts and most popular vacation spot of the Turkish Aegean coast. It is located less than an hour drive south of Izmir and its International Airport. About 18 km from Kusadasi lays the Greek island of Samos. It can be seen very well, especially in fine weather.

Climate of Kusadasi. Kusadasi falls into the subtropical climate zone. Winter is short, mild and moist. From early December to late February temperatures are similar to those in the rest of the Mediterranean – between 10 and 15°C. Spring starts in early March when thermometers already show above 15°C. The temperatures in April are usually over 20°C. Summer is long, hot and dry. It lasts approximately from mid-April to late October. Temperatures in this period are usually between 22 and 32°C. The highest temperatures are in the second half of July and early August. Rainfall is scarce. From July to September probability of rain is negligible. The rainiest months in the year are December and January. In winter it is possible to form a thin and precarious snow cover, but it still happens very rarely.

Nature. Nature in the surrounding area of Kusadasi is typical subtropical. Here grow mainly Mediterranean species – citrus trees, olives, pine species and different types of palms. In places the vegetation is less dense and has open grass spaces, where thrive mainly shrubs. The coastline around the city is indented. There are many small coves and peninulas. The landscape around Kusadasi is quite picturesque. On small territory one can find plains and mountains, sandy beaches and rocky shores. Near the resort is located the mountainous Dilek Peninsula. Much of its territory is covered with forest, and in some places there are small quiet pebble beaches, where visitors can find solitude. Because of its beauty the majority of the peninsula was declared a national park.


Population of Kusadasi. The population of Kusadasi and its environs is approximately 65 000 people. In summer the small and quiet tourist town, however, is much greater not only because of the hundreds of thousands of arriving tourists, but also because of the dripping stream of people seeking employment in the tourism industry. Overall, the population of Kusadasi has always been uniform. It turns out that in recent years there is increasing number of foreigners who live here permanently. The tendency to buy properties in the Mediterranean did not pass up Turkey. Here the prices are still not so high and the warm climate and charming nature are very attractive. In Kusadasi as it is in other parts of the Mediterranean there is a major interest of the inhabitants of the Nordic countries, Britain, Germany and Russia.

Economy. Kusadasi is located in one of the most economically developed parts of Turkey. Here on the Turkish Riviera leading is of course the tourism industry. Small and large hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, trade centers and various kinds of services are designed primarily to satisfy the demand of the foreign and local visitors. Besides tourism and trade, the real estate market is also very important. It is subject of interest not only for foreigners who dream of living on the shores of the Mediterranean, but also for the Turks from the northern parts of the country.

Tourism in Kuşadası

Kusadasi owes attractive beaches and the most famous and popular is Ladies Beach. It is very beautiful with a length of over 600 m and offers fine sand with light and delicate shades of beige. Due to the fact that the resort is located in deeply incised into the land gulf here usually do not form large waves and the sea is mostly calm. Along the beach passes beautiful promenade, which is a popular place for tourists to walk, especially in a pleasant and breezy afternoon hours. Promenade itself is colored in delicate pink nuances, and in some places on the street can be seen painted small blue eyes, which аccording to the Turks bring to the people good luck. South of the area of Ladies Beach you will find some other smaller but also very beautiful beaches such as Green Beach for example. Overall, we should note that the beaches in Kusadasi are predominantly small, but clean and well maintained.

In the area of Ladies Beach one will find many restaurants offering Turkish, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. In one of the many cafes you could drink a cup of hot Turkish coffee, served in the traditional way in Turkish coffee-pot and a few cubs of brown sugar, and if you want to dive deeper into the local atmosphere you could visit some of the local hookah bars. Here the lovers of oriental culture could smoke a hookah with exotic aromas of fruits or vanilla while sitting on the large and comfortable striped cushions on the ground. The nightlife here is pretty active like it is in the most destinations in the Mediterranean region. There are people on the streets until the wee hours, and discos and nightclubs are open until morning.

It is interesting to note that local traditions in serving tourists are significantly different from those in Europe, despite geographical proximity. Here the local people pay the tourists personal attention and rarely are interested from the label of service. In Kusadasi often the waiters go to the street outside and try to attract and invite tourists to visit their restaurant. If you want to go you will have at least to promise that you will return later.

Shopping. Overall prices in Kusadasi are quite acceptable and even lower for Western tourists. This applies to the bigger shopping centers and stores. In large supermarkets service is similar to that in Europe, but if you come across any local traditional markets you must be willing to bargain, because here this is a part of the normal everyday life. Most often traders gradually weaned from the price until they agree on a price that satisfies both sides. If you agree immediately to the offered price this may even be considered for contempt on your part. On the colorful stalls there is great variety of souvenirs and if not bet on sanity it is likely to waste everything you have in your pocket. The most diverse are the different souvenirs with blue eyes, which according to local beliefs keep the evil eyes away. It is important to know that in Kusadasi virtually anywhere you can pay in euros, although the local currency is the Turkish lira, and Turkey is not a member of the European Union.

Bird Island. Kusadasi means “Bird Island”. The name of this charming Mediterranean city comes from the small island located close to the shore. It is called “Bird Island” because its shape is very similar to a bird head. It is one of the main attractions, and because of its artificial connection to the mainland it can be reached very easily. Distance to the shore is less than 200 meters, and the endless procession of visitors who want to catch a glimpse as it seems it never stops. On the island itself there is an impressive fortress walls and around the walls you can see warm-loving Mediterranean vegetation.

Ephesus and House of Virgin Mary. Kusadasi can offer a lot to satisfy the thirst for culture of the tourists. Near the resort are the ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus. It was once one of the most important Greek settlements. Everywhere one can see remained walls, columns or arches. The remains of old churches, public buildings, amphitheaters and what not can make you feel great respect to the cultural past of ancient Greece. But the old architecture is not the only thing available in Ephesus. Here is one of the most important and sacred places for Christians – the house of the Virgin Mary. According to the Catholic faith the saint died and was buried at Ephesus, and today the house is a place where believers and not-so proceed with excitement just to see it and to get closer to this holy and mystical place. House of stone is nestled among olive trees, which you will recognize because of the light green leaves.

When is the best time for tourism in Kusadasi? Surely it is best to choose the summer semester (April to October) when is the beach season. Then you will see the resort town of Kusadasi in its best light. If you have a choice though, we’d recommend the months of May and September, when warm summer weather is guaranteed, but there is no crowds of foreign tourists as it is in July and August.

What clothes to prepare for tourism in Kusadasi? From April to October summer clothes are the only appropriate clothing. However, in April you could get and light overcoat, as night temperatures are still lower and the weather is still unstable, though some days are pretty hot. For November and March will be better to prepare various clothes for variable, but still mild weather. Not very thick spring jacket will be suittable. In December, January and February necessarily wear your winter jacket, though there are some days that are very nice, sunny and warm and allow you to walk without a warm coat.

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