Everyone here at The Ege Eye and the Foreign Citizens Advice Centre would like to congratulate Kusadasi Live on the Launch of their new website.

Kusadasi Live is a collaborative tourist portal initiated by Kusadasi Hoteliers and Investors Association (KODER).  Their aim is to “entertain and inspire you with engaging updates about all you need to know as an Aegean lover……or soon to be Aegean lover”.

As many businesses and hotels prepare for the upcoming tourist season, Kusadasi live along with Kusadasi Hoteliers and Investors Association presented a week of tourism yesterday (April 18) which kicked off at Ataturk Square down at the waterfront.

This event was followed by a reception at the Charisma De Luxe Hotel where representatives from Kusadasi Hoteliers and Investors Association, Kusadasi Mayor Ozer Kayali, and many other officials gathered for the official launch of Kusadasi Live. 

Speaking at the meeting, Mayor Kavali stressed that “social media is an important area to improve tourism development,” and indeed, social media has made a huge impact on the tourism industry.  Consumers engage with social networking sites to research trips, make informed decisions about their travels and share their personal experiences as this style of user-generated content is seen by the online community as more credible and authentic.

You too can follow the Aegean Heartbeat and Kusadasi Live by going to their website at:  http://www.kusadasilive.com  .

Source:  The Ege Eye

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