Yesterday (July 6) saw many anxious shopkeepers as the police along with lawyers representing brand named goods tried to gain access to their stores in order to inspect for any false brands being sold in their premises.

Immediately traders shut down their stores and as you can see from the picture, they gathered in a crowd to protest; especially as it is the height of the tourist season.

A few years ago a new European Union-funded report declared that buying designer goods can benefit consumers and the companies whose brands are being ripped off.

The Daily Telegraph also reported a few years ago that, “the complaints of designer companies, claiming that losses to the industry as a result of counterfeiting are vastly exaggerated – because most of those who buy fakes would never pay for the real thing – and finding that the rip-off goods can actually promote their brands.”

This morning I spoke to a few of the traders involved and they seemed to be unconcerned that a repeat of yesterday’s event will occur again this season.

Source:  The Ege Eye

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