Known as the motherland of the olive tree, anyone who visits Turkey will see olives, olive oil and olive oil products everywhere. In fact the main agricultural products of the province are figs, olives, strawberries and cotton.

The value and unique distinctiveness of olives and olive oil have been acknowledged for centuries and are gaining even more distinction today. Cultivation of this fruit is concentrated in specific regions of the world, primarily in the countries bordering the shores of the Mediterranean. Turkey is one of those fortunate countries and is ranked as the world’s second biggest producer.

Further proof of the olive’s long history in Turkey is the 1300-year-old tree growing in Mut or the olive oil stores found in Izmir.

On the 3rd and 4th of November 2018 Kusadasi will be holding a Zeytin (Olive) Festival at the Kervansaray.

On the 3rd November stands will be open from 10am and there will be an opening ceremony at 11:30am. There will be talks about olive oil and workshops on how to make your own olive oil soap on both days.

During the course of the festival you can enjoy gastro show presentations from Turkish chefs.

The festival concludes on the 4th November at the Kervansary with a concert by Kusadasi Belediyesi orchestra.

You will see from the itinerary that there are also exhibitions at Ibramaki Art Gallery.

Source: The Ege Eye

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