Mayor M. Esat Altungün has got together with the traders of ladies beach in order to determine Kuşadası’s problems and to listen to the complaints of the traders before the season begins.

The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Kuşadası Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Serdar Akdoğan and TÜRSAB Kuşadası Regional Executive Committee president Mr. Bülent İlbahar   and a large number of traders and tourism industry members.

During the meeting the business owners talked of the regional problems and asked for their solutions from the mayor of Kuşadası who made notes and declared that

all expressed problems would be resolved in their order of priority then  went on to say;

“the number of cameras around the beach areas will be increased for beach safety, we will take precautions against commissioners, we will prevent distribution of business cards on beaches and we will also put up direction sign posts. We are working on our green areas and we will also work on lighting issues to bring lighting to a standard level. Ladies Beach will go into season fully prepared.   As in other parts of the city Zero (pavement) occupation brought into force on 1st of January will also be applicable in Ladies Beach. Restaurants and cafes will be allowed to have tables in percentage to specific square metres and frontage”

Mayor Altungün inspected the occupancy applications along Ladies Beach at the end of the meeting.

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