Lake Egrigol, a hidden gem sitting at 2,350 meters in the foothills of Geyik Mountain in Antalya province, never fails to impress its visitors. In fact, nature lovers describe the region as “the Alps of Antalya.”

On Taseli Plateau in the foothills of Geyik Mountain of the Taurus Mountains, Egrigol is an indispensable route for nature and photography enthusiasts in June and July.

Surrounded by 3 or 4 meters of snow on one side and mountain tulips, crocuses, inverted tulips, hyacinths and dozens of different plants on the other, Egrigol is also home to many species of fish, including carp.

It is possible to see brown bears, high-flying eagles and falcons around the lake as well as sheep and wild goats. The snow on the slopes of the mountain persists even in the warm month of June and offers visitors the opportunity to make snowballs and go sledding while taking photos of the endemic plant species.

Egrigol, an ideal spot for mountain biking, nature photography, camping, climbing, skiing and trekking, is the liveliest lake at this altitude in Turkey.

Professional mountaineer and guide Cuma Gok said the roads blocked by snow in the winter become passable in the last weeks of May. “We are looking forward to the roads reopening. We try to not miss out on the amazing spot nature has presented us.”

Noting that those who see Egrigol usually want to stay forever, Gok continued: “This is a hidden heaven in Antalya. We, mountaineers and nature lovers, call this region ‘the Alps of Antalya.’ We came to this region in June, but there are still 3 meters of snow here.” He said the region is flooded by nature lovers from the nearby cities. Gök added that the region can be reached by following a narrow, dirt road located just past Gundogmus district on a cliff’s edge for nearly 45 kilometers.

Nature lovers visiting Egrigol say they enjoy the interesting combination of spring snow and beautiful wildflowers. The spot comes highly recommended by everyone who takes the time to visit.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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