Central Anatolia’s Sivas is usually associated with delicious food and the native Kangal dog breed, not with diving. But, that is about to change thanks to Lake Gokpinar. Known for its clear turquoise water, the lake is becoming a new attraction center for diving enthusiasts.

The lake, fed by underwater sources, has a maximum depth of 15 meters. Tourists, divers from Turkey and around the world spend a lovely time around Lake Gokpinar and dive deep to discover its underwater beauty.

Apart from divers, the lake is also an attraction center for families who want to enjoy nature and various activities, from sports to picnics.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Sivas Governor Salih Ayhan said the lake is one of the best recreational areas in the city and a center for diving training. “So far we trained a total of 450 divers and continue to welcome amateur and professional divers,” Governor Ayhan added.

Lake Gokpinar currently features three diving clubs and continues training throughout the summer.

Source:  Daily


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