An ancient Roman sarcophagus has been found in Turkey’s Aegean region, local officials have said.

Officials at the Bodrum Castle’s Museum of Underwater Archeology found the late Roman tomb after a landslide in the town, part of the province of Mugla along the sunny Aegean coast.

Experts from the Museums Directorate and the municipality have started working in the area to date the sarcophagus and gather more details.

The sarcophagus ruins were put under the protection of Museums Directorate officials.

The Bodrum Castle, constructed on the site of much earlier ancient fortifications, was built by the Knights of St. John in the 15th century.

The adjacent Museum of Underwater Archaeology features collections of amphora, ancient glass, bronze, clay, and iron items, and is said to be the biggest museum of its kind.

Source:  Hurriyet Dailey News

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