Millions of years ago, the Black Sea region had its volcanos, bursting hot red lava constantly.

Although it is hard to imagine that the greenest place in Anatolia, the Black Sea region, in lava and ash, travellers can still discover the remaining of the past through the lava columns of Bartın.

Formed after the lava of the volcano was crystalized, the lava columns of Bartın invites its visitors to discover the unworldly nature, which is accessible with wooden paths and docks between rocks.

Located in Gulcehisar village, 17 kilometres from the city center, the lava columns are believed to have been formed some 80 million years ago. Apart from Bartın, the exact geographical formation can only be found in Northern Ireland, Scotland and California, U.S.

After the lava of the volcano became cold and crystallized, they turned into lava columns in quadrangle and pentagon shapes that reach as high as 100 metres. The lava columns in Bartın are both vertical and horizontal.

To increase the tourist numbers as well as the recognition of the lava columns, the Bartın Regional Culture and Tourism Directorate and Bartın University engaged in a recreation project in the region to enable tourists to access the columns. As part of the project, a festival area in the shores, an observation terrace and a wooden walking path have been built near the lava columns.

Speaking to an Anadolu Agency (AA) correspondent, Fuat Dursun, Bartın Regional Culture and Tourism director, said their aim is to make the lava columns an attraction for photographers and nature enthusiasts who want to discover natural wonders.

“We want to enable our visitors to reach both the sea and the lava columns to have an enjoyable time here,” said Dursun.

“After the project is over, tourists from ages 7 to 70 flocked here which made us very happy. The walking path, which is 1 kilometre long, is the thing that our visitors loved the most. People can take photographs day and night thanks to the lighting system that we installed.




Source: Daily Sabah


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