Suna Soydas Firat a lawyer in Bursa appealed to a court in Kastamonu for a stay of execution for several red deer.

The lawyer won his appeal regarding a tender from the regional directorate of Agriculture and Forestry Ministry that would have permitted the hunting of the deer in order to boost hunting tourism.

The price for each deer hunted would have been approximately 8,500 Turkish Lira.

Suna Soydas Firat stated that he “could not turn a blind eye to this savagery as an animal rights activist lawyer. I cannot accept the killing of deer to promote hunting tourism”.

Firat also blocked a similar tender last year for the hunting of red deer and she noted that “appealing to the courts each time is exhausting”.

In July a tender from the Agriculture and Forestry Ministry which would have allowed the hunting of wild mountain goats in the eastern province of Tunceli was also canceled after it drew massive anger from NGOs and animal rights activists.

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