Lisa Matthews – The Welcome Stranger

Lisa has always enjoyed writing and this enjoyment led to her writing more seriously for her children’s entertainment.   She has two children and in 1996 she wrote a book of children’s poetry called “Just a Thought”.  Lisa’s husband and daughters love vampires and all things gothic and this love within the family led to a gothic wedding with her daughters dressed as the ‘Brides of Dracula.  Unfortunately the marriage failed, however, the love of all things gothic did not.

Her first adult themed novel ‘It’s Way Past Your Dead Time.’ was born from a comment made by her husband that ‘if someone gets bitten by a vampire as well as staying young they should stay in the same state they were in when they were bitten.’   Lisa told me that she took this comment and added her own take on it.  She decided that if an elderly woman is bitten, she’ll stay deaf, toothless and have all sorts of problems.  This is where we meet Mable, a lost and lonely character living out her life in an old folk’s home, Mable however, takes every opportunity given and we follow her journey into the dark world of the vampire.

The second novel in the trilogy, Trina’s War, deals with Janie (Mable’s careworker) as she learns to cope with her new vampire life.  She has the set back of being blighted by PMT, lusting after anything with a pulse; or without; she turns to the beautiful Trina, the cruellest vampire of them all. Janie has to work out if Trina really is as bad as they say… or if she’s just a lonely misunderstood member of the vampire world.

Guardian Mabel is the final book in the trilogy. Abigail; a creation of heaven and hell is pregnant with both a gene from God and a gene from Satan. Satan in his laziness; cheated on the deal and sent his demon Gavin to impregnate God’s creation unleashing a brand new breed of ‘human.’ Abigail, with Ghostly Guardian Mabel’s help; has to learn to make friends of her enemies and work with the vampires and demons to keep her babies alive. Abigail faces dilemma after dilemma; Poor Mabel can tell her only one thing. But not yet!

Lisa is currently working on an adult themed book of poetry.  I would like to thank her for taking the time to meet with me as she is quite a solitary person.  Having known Lisa for a few years now, and having read ‘The Welcome Stranger’ trilogy, I would have no hesitation in recommending them.  They can all be found on Amazon and Kindle.

Source: Ege Eye

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