What is love? One dictionary definition states that it is “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person”.  Traditionally philosophers have distinguished three types of love: eros, or passionate, sensual attraction to another person; philia, or affection for family, friends, clubs, teams, nations, and humanity in general; and agape, which is love for God or the functional equivalent.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching; no matter how you define love; Kusadasi shops and restaurants will be turning red with wonderful decorations, cakes and flowers – all to tempt you to spend your Lira’s in the name of love.

In Turkey Valentine’s Day or Lovers Day as it is called here; is a recently new event, popularized by the   men’s magazine Erkekce in the mid-80s. In Turkey, it is normally a day reserved specifically for those in a romantic commitment and I think you would be hard pushed to find a card wishing your cat a happy valentines.  However, Turks will go all out to impress their significant other and if you would like to impress the man in your life, here are a few words and phrases to help you on your way.

askim     my love
canim     my dear
bi tanem     my only one
hayatim     my life
sevgilim     my darling

Seni seviyorum.     I love you..
Benimle cikar misin?     Would you like to go out with me?
Benimle dans eder misin?     Would you like to dance with me?
Benimle evlenir misin?     Will you marry me?

Being single doesn’t mean that you need to find Valentine’s Day a depressing occasion – buy yourself some chocolates and flowers; or in my case, I am that sad person who is going to make a beautiful card – for my cat.

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