Turkey’s Aegean coast draws around 50,000 windsurfers every year.

Local winds called “Mad Mehmet” blow in Akcapinar beach of the Gokova Gulf all year long.

The beach is considered one of the eight best beaches in Europe for wind and kite-surfing.

“In recent years, surf enthusiasts from the U.K., Russia, Ukraine, Germany and Poland have come to dance with the wind for most of the year,” surf trainer Ramazan Tas told Anadolu Agency.

Tas noted that athletes from many European countries used the area for training due to its “magnificent nature and favorable weather conditions.”

Many athletes returned to the place after their first visit.

Windsurfer Michael Tihorge said he came from South Africa to get training six years ago.

“I admire the nature and people of this place. The Turkish people were very welcoming,” Tihorge said.

“There’s a good wind here for windsurfing. You can stay in the water all day long,” he added.

Andrea Wolferger, another windsurfer from Australia, said he preferred Akcapinar due to its constant and powerful wind.

Source:  Hurriyet Daily News

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