The New Year means new beginnings! The most important beginning here is to welcome the New Year with a healthy body. That’s why we met with Doctor Ender Sarac, one of the most highly educated and trustworthy doctors in the country. We talked about the ways of rejuvenation by means of healing with sources specific to Turkey.

Even though western medicine, as Dr. Ender Sarac calls it Orthodox medicine, is old, it has not been able to catch up with modern medicine. The science and technology developed by the western world has not healed the diseases of today such as stress, insomnia, cancer, etc. This is because the speed of western medicine could not prevent ecological deterioration, electromagnetic contamination, stress and GMO foods. This accounts for the decline in average age although the U.S. is a country where medicine is so advanced, whereas the life span has increased in communities that have adopted oriental medicine and added spirituality into the rules of a healthy life. Dr. Ender Sarac thinks that the Okinawa Island in Japan, Crete Island and the Mediterranean basin are a few examples to name.

Indian and Chinese medicine has been known for years and utilized by millions of people. However, the healing methods of the Islamic world and Turkey in particular are not as promoted as they should be. This sacred information called Prophet Medicine used to be a source of healing for many patients at that time. The source for most of these healing methods in the past is Turkey. Here are some examples.

Bloody Wet Cupping:  Widely used particularly in Chinese medicine, this method is very common in the Islamic world, as well. A Vacuum is applied by means of glass capsules on the junction points of acupuncture areas on the back and neck or where necessary. All toxins accumulated in the lymphatic ducts and the negative energy is exposed. The blood built up here is discharged through small striations. It works very well for migraines, varicose veins and even for detoxing. Sarac mentions this method as the most effective detox method. A vegetarian diet should be followed for one day before and after this therapy is implemented, which requires to be performed particularly after full moon periods. Celebrities such as Madonna and Justin Bieber implement this method that became popular with the marks on the back of American swimmer Michael Phelps at the Rio Olympics last year.

Leech Therapy:  According to Dr. Ender Sarac, leech therapy is a specific treatment in Turkey for blood purification. While there are a wide variety of leeches in nature, the ones used for this therapy are available especially in Hatay and the southeast region. The leech that can sense the acupuncture meridian areas in our body secrete 120 different enzymes into the human blood.

Mesir Paste:  This paste, which used to be made in the Ottoman palace, is a source of healing as Dr. Sarac claims. Prepared by doctors with high spirituality, these mixtures are still of vital importance. Many different spices are mixed with top quality honey. The product, which is still sold in Manisa, has no equivalent in the world, in terms of its ingredients.

Natural Local Herbs:  Dr. Ender Sarac thinks that the herbs that are the raw materials for many drugs in modern medicine are all sources of healing. While the juice of these special plants grown in the Aegean region can be drunk, the plants themselves can be used to prepare meals. The hot leaf mustard, chicory and wild radish grown in the Aegean region are some of the healthiest herbs. The blessed thistle, on the other hand, is another useful herb. It is good for the renal and urinary tracts and provides a liver detox. It maintains the acid and alkali balance of the body. It contains a high level of vitamin K. Another herb is the Gilaburu (Viburnum Opulus), grown in Kayseri. It belongs to the berry family. Its juice dissolves the kidney stones (renal calculus) without the need of an operation. The root of ferula communis, grown in Hatay, is used for venereal diseases. On the other hand, the zahter herb (kind of thyme) is good for cholesterol.

Sahlep is another beneficial plant, especially in powder form. In fact, it belongs to a wild orchid family and is very good for bronchitis and coughs. However, its species is endangered as it is consumed irresponsibly. Miswak is a very effective plant for teeth cleaning. It is an alkali tree root. The key point is to pick up and consume all these herbs while they are still fresh in the spring.

Boza is a healthy drink that encourages breast milk and enhances immunization and provides a liver detox. It is a product that is made from Turkish corn by way of fermentation. In addition, Kefir is the living secret of Caucasian Turks. It contains useful organisms that kill the hazardous agents in the intestines and revitalize the organs. It also contains vitamin D and is high in calcium. The secret to the longevity of Caucasian Turks is the kefir made of natural milk. Tarhana soup is another probiotic product. This yogurt-based food improves the immune system and is one of the best defenses against sickness in winter. A Turkish bath is another source of healing, thanks to the method of rubbing with bath gloves. It is the healthiest method for the skin to get rid of hazardous toxins and to implement the method what the west calls “peeling.” The massage during bathing and rubbing with the hand glove helps to open the lymphatic ducts and purify the body.

Dr. Sarac underlines the importance of some practices stemming from the Islamic religion for our well-being. He explains that fasting puts the red and orange chakras in the body at rest. It is this resting that gives the body energy. Fasting helps us to be grounded and get rid of toxins, thus, our aura is renewed. Likewise, he claims that eating with the right hand is advisable, in terms of energy flow. This is because the right hand provides energy flow and conveys the energy in our body to what we eat. Sarac approves of slaughtering by means of Halal and Kosher methods. The toxic substances cannot be removed properly in other methods during slaughtering.

According to Dr. Ender Sarac, the sources for living healthy are endless in Turkey. What matters is to see reliable doctors in this respect, to be open to these practices and share the benefits with everyone. I hope you will have a healthy year that you discover new sources of healing and practice all these methods!



Source:  Daily Sabah

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