With the warming of the weather in Aydın, summer fruits started to decorate the counters, and the first cherries of the season, which were harvested, took their place on the counter.

The Turkish cherry is the most exported cherry in the world, following cherry exporter countries are the United States, and Chili. Turkey produces large amounts of cherry because of the good soil, and a very good climate for cherry trees. Cherry in Turkish means “Kiraz”.

Cherry season in Turkey typically starts in late May and lasts through early August. The exact timing of the cherry season can vary depending on the region and weather conditions, but generally, the peak harvest period for cherries in Turkey is in June.

With the increase in air temperatures, many summer fruits began to take their place on the counters. Cherries, which heralds the summer season, painted the market stalls in Aydın red. The weight of cherries, which are preferred not only for their taste but also for their benefits, varies between 30 and 60 TL. While waiting for their buyers for cherries, one of the indispensable fruits of the summer months, the first cherries of the season were met with great interest by the citizens.

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