Three Turkish workers were killed by methane gas during sewage system works in the Kuşadası district of Aydın on July 6.

Group leader Veysel Turgut, worker Osman Sarı and firefighter Uğur Apaydın died from methane gas exposure during works underground, while another worker, Adnan Özkaya, was injured.
The workers were not wearing masks, the news agency said.  Turgut, Özkaya and Sarı were working when they first felt the methane gas and tried to climb above the ground according to the report. However, Sarı fell during the climb and hit his head. Özkaya then returned to save Sarı and firefighters were called to the area to intervene.

After around half an hour of work, Turgut was found dead. Sarı, along with Özkaya and firefighters Apaydın and Hasan Harmankaya were also affected by the gas and a team from the Search and Rescue Association (AKUT) was called to the scene to save the workers and firefighters. The AKUT team took the crew above the ground and they were then taken to the Kuşadası State Hospital.

Sarı and Apaydın were pronounced dead in the early hours of July 7, while Harmankaya was released from hospital after brief treatment and Özkaya was in stable condition.

Kuşadası police have started an investigation into the incident.

Last month, seven workers were killed in another methane gas poisoning in another Aegean district, Milas, in the western province of Muğla.



Source Hurriyet

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