The Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) has announced that the portion of meat in lahmacun, a famous traditional Turkish dish, will be increased in line with the new protein criteria.

Aykut Yenice, the president of Turkey’s Restaurants, Kebab Houses and Pastries Federation said that the federation supports the decision of the TSE because it “helps to increase the quality of meat in lahmacun.” He said. “We always consider consumer choice.


The new decision will bring specified standards to make lahmacun. Meat is always good for our health,” he continued, adding that necessary controls should be made on when the decision will be put into practice.

Fatih Piskin, who has been selling lahmacun for 40 years in Kırklareli, said citizens will be satisfied when the portion of meat is increased. He said the portion of meat is decided by chefs at restaurants and there was not any specified criteria before. “The new decision will not affect the price of lahmacun. Consumers will eat cheap lahmacun filled with more meat. I hope the new decision will please everyone,” he said. Bahadır Ekberoglu, a citizen in the city, also said they are pleased to hear that they will eat lahmacun with more meat. Within the framework of the new criteria, the rate of protein in lahmacun will increase to 6 percent from 4 percent while the rate of meat will brought up to 35 percent from 25 percent.



Source Daily Sabah

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