Ankara has issued regulations regarding foreign visitors and citizens entering Türkiye with vehicles sporting foreign license plates.

“Before your journey, you can easily access the ‘Vehicle Pre-Declaration Application’ available on the Commerce Ministry’s website under the ‘e-Services’ menu or via the e-Government Gateway using a mobile phone, tablet or computer. Since the information you enter into the application will be automatically transferred to our systems, your registration process will be completed in a short time after the customs officer verifies and approves the information.

Ensure that you have been abroad for at least 185 days within the last year before the date of your entry into our country. This information can be queried via e-Government. The person bringing the vehicle must present their driver’s license and passport or equivalent identity document upon entry into our country. If you enter with a foreign passport, except for a residence permit, you will be given a maximum of 90 days. Turkish citizens, dual citizens, or Blue Card holders are granted 730 days for their vehicles if they enter with appropriate identification or passport.”

Penalty warning

The statement further cautioned: “Presentation of an insurance policy valid in Türkiye and the vehicle’s registration is mandatory upon entry into our country. Don’t forget to bring along your retirement document translated into Turkish and certified by the consulate or embassy to benefit from the facilities provided to retirees from abroad.

“In case you arrive with a vehicle registered in someone else’s name, a valid power of attorney must be presented. If you intend to leave the vehicle in Türkiye and exit the country within the given period, you must either deliver the vehicle to the customs administration or provide a declaration confirming that the vehicle will not be used by another person. Otherwise, an administrative fine will be imposed. Soure Daily Sabah

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