With sanatorium-like accommodations that offer joyful holiday activities, Sultaniye Thermals and Mud Baths function as a health and holiday tourist attraction, serving enthusiasts for thousands of years in the Koycegiz district of Mugla province.

The thermal has attracted a great deal of attention especially from Russian, British and Arab tourists in recent years thanks to its high mineral values, optimal health benefits and the strong flow of thermal spring waters.

Located on the southeastern shores of Kyceiz Lake, Sultaniye Thermals is a destination most famous for its mud baths, in addition to its healing waters.

These thermal springs are accessible to tourists on boats departing from the districts of Koycegiz and Dalyan and also by car from Koycegiz. The thermal springs boast indoor and outdoor pools for visitors.

Sultaniye Thermals feature a special type of mud known as “beauty mud,” believed to be beneficial for healing dermatologic disorders and beautifying the skin.

The thermal attracts nearly 3,000 local and foreign tourists in the summer months.

Managing director of Koycegiz Municipality’s Sultaniye Thermals Ibrahim Yildirım spoke to Anadolu Agency and stated that Sultaniye Thermals, located in the foothills of the Olmez Mountains, has a history dating back 2,000 years in a region that features many historical structures both underwater and above the ground.

Yildirim stressed that the mud baths and thermal springs attract attention in the health tourism sector with temperatures between 39 and 40 degrees (Celsius). He said that as one of the most effective thermals in the world, Sultaniye Thermals rank second after the Indonesia Thermals and have radioactive features which boost the springs’ attractiveness among tourists.

Source:  Daily Sabah

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