MONTEREY, California – Monterey have just completed the  final steps of adding a Turkish city into a sister-city programme that is made up of six other cities and dates back to as early as 1965.

Monterey have officially named Kusadasi,  as one of their seven sister-cities.

The City of Monterey in Monterey County is located on the southern edge of Monterey Bay on Central Calafornia’s coast. This is not

the first connection between the two. They have existing ties with the Naval Postgraduate School and the Defense Language Institute in Monterey.

Turkish city leaders toured police stations, fire house and other buildings during their visit. They also stuck around for the annual Turkish Festival which was held in the town.

Monterey mayor, Chuck Della Sala, presented a plaque at a ceremony in El Estero Park The final agreement was signed signed recently at Colton Hall.

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