It is about time: Morrissey is headed to Istanbul in December, around seven months after paying tribute to the city with a song on his latest album, which was released this summer.

Concert promoter Pozitif Live announced the concert late last week, as it made tickets for the Dec. 7 gig available online on Saturday through Biletix. Morrissey, whose last performance here was in July 2012 as part of that year’s Istanbul Jazz Festival, will perform at Black Box İstanbul, a new Maslak-based concert venue that was recently renamed Volkswagen Arena as part of a sponsorship deal with the automobile company.

Morrissey’s song “Istanbul,” first released online in May, is the second single from the 55-year-old English singer-songwriter’s new 12-track album, “World Peace Is None of Your Business,” released on July 15. The song, which begins with a sample from the Islamic call to prayer — a staple of Istanbul’s soundscape — and which includes numerous elements from the city’s often chaotic sounds, will be on the set list of Morrissey’s Dec. 7 concert. The set list will also include Morrissey’s previous hits, both from his solo career and his time with The Smiths.

Morrissey launched his solo career in 1988, around a year after The Smiths broke up. His first solo album was “Viva Hate,” which featured the hits “Everyday Is Like Sunday” and “Suedehead.” Morrissey first performed in Istanbul in June 2006.




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