The film, a joint Irish-Turkish production, tells a story of the Ottoman Empire’s aid to Ireland during the famine, which claimed around one million lives.

An Irish-Turkish motion picture, Famine, which portrays the Ottoman Empire’s aid to Ireland during the famine period of 1845 to 1852, will be released in theatres in February 2015.Famine, staring Hollywood actors, tells a love story between Fatih, an Ottoman sailor, and Mary, an Irish girl, during the famine.

Scriptwriter and executive producer Omer Sarikaya said the film will be shot in both Turkey and Ireland.Filmmaker Altan Ercan said that 85 percent of the film’s profit would be donated to UN programs, including UNICEF, The World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.The seven-year-long Irish famine, also known as the Irish potato famine, claimed around one million lives due to one-third of the population being reliant on potatoes and failed crops.




Source World Bulletin

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