Yesterday (1st May) within the scope of the measures taken due to the Covid-19 outbreak, security teams across the country implemented various operations to ensure that people complied with the rules during this weekend’s curfew.

Approximately 52,350 security personal were involved in the operation, and 298,371 people were questioned. During the operation 316 wanted persons were identified and 21 were detained.

Workplaces were inspected to ensure that they acted in accordance with the closing hours rules and street markets, markets, bakeries, and petrol stations where checked to guarantee that people waiting outside acted in compliance with the social distance rule.

The security teams also monitored that individuals under the age of 20 and over 65 who are subjected to the curfew, including citizens who have chronic illnesses complied with the law. Administrative and judicial proceedings were carried out on a total of 3,837 individuals, including 2,372 who violated the social distance rule, 1,231 who were under 20, and 234 who were over 65.

Administrative Procedures were also applied to 3, 851 Vehicle Owners and drivers who did not follow the rules and approximately 213,325 vehicles were stopped. These figures include 146 public controlled vehicles and 53 public taxis.

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