Two mathematics teachers Baris and Ipek Sen along with their daughters have embarked on an adventure to highlight the importance of Turkey’s water sources.

The family plan to cycle around 15 lakes in Anatolia, a journey of approx 1,600 kilometres.

Cycling with their family is not new to the Sens. They embarked on a journey from Zurich to the Dutch coast with their daughter who was only seventeen months at the time.

Their new quest began from Lake Sapanca and some of the lakes they will cycle around include, Salda, Egirdir, Manyas, Iznik and van. The family hope to complete their mission by the end of the year.

Mr Sen to the press that they would like to see the world with their children and to “highlight the importance of not wasting water in Turkey”. He continued by saying that they “see this as a campaign for public awareness”, and to ensure that they make their voices heard.

The family will plant saplings on each of their tours and hope that they will also raise awareness that nature is to be enjoyed rather spending so much time indoors.

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