On August 29th 2019 the Foreigner’s Committee of the Kusadasi Civic Council was created.

Every city authority (Belediye) in Turkey must have, and fund a Civic Council made up of members of the public from their towns and cities. They must provide space for them to meet and organize themselves.

The council has different committees and are generally:

Children’s issues, women’s issues, youth issues, neighbourhood issues and environmental issues.

As Kusadasi has a large number of foreign residents and international & domestic visitors there will be 2 additional committees, tourism and foreigners, concerned specifically with any issues that they may have.

Each committee is made-up of 10 full members, plus additional members as required who will meet once a month. The newly-formed foreigner’s committee is made up of members from a variety of countries including the UK, Ukraine, Holland, Syria and, of course, Turkey.

The Belediye Council is legally required to properly consider proposals about people’s issues put forward by the committees, take them seriously and respond to them officially.

If you have any issues you would like to personally raise with the officials of the city council contact details can be found at The Foreign Citizens Advice Centre or you can send an email to support@adviceturkey.org or telephone (009) 0256 612 3207.

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