Although not strictly new, as the law was first advertised in the Legal Gazette on 28/11/2007, many property owners are still unaware of it’s implications.

As an amendment to the Act of Independent Ownership all Tapu (title Deed) holders are required to update the records at the Kadestro (planning office) if their property is part of a group of buildings and hasn’t yet been given it’s own separate freehold title. Groups of buildings can mean apartments in a block, houses that are connected to their neighbour i.e. semi-detached or where several houses were constructed on the same original plot of land and the final freehold division of the plot hasn’t yet taken place.



Failure to notify the appropriate planning department before November 28th this year will result in a penalty of 1000 TL being charged in addition to still having to go through the notification process. The process itself requires the production of several official documents and the payment of a fee.

Generally speaking, to show that your property has it’s own independent freehold title, on your Tapu the box Kat Mukliyeti will have ‘x’ or ‘xx’ in it as opposed to the box Kat Irtifaki which means that the title is shared.

We only verified this information a few hours before we went to print so were unable to give you the full details. We will give you a full report in the next issue.

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