The number of wild and domestic animals are increasing in the Natural Life Park in the northwestern province of Kocaeli. Recently, 61 animals of different species have become guests at the park. 

The park has been established on a 2,000-decare area between the Kartepe, Uzuntarla and Esme neighborhoods. Works in the park will soon be completed and the animals will be seen in their natural environment. As part of the works, walking routes will be made in the park. A children’s petting zoo and administrative buildings are also under construction in the Natural Life Park. 

The recent guests of the park were 61 animals of different species. Some of them were from Africa and some were from China. 

Famous lemurs from Madagascar, American ducks and Chinese geese are also locals of the park in their own habitat. 

In addition, the park has a section for animals of the Anatolian species, wild Anatolian animals and animals from the African Savana, as well as an aquarium, a botanic park and camping area.

Source:  Daily Hurriyet

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