The office Christmas party. In the world of the workplace, it’s a thing of legend. There’s always someone who has one too many glasses of alcohol (not guilty), and enough gossip to keep the gossip going into next spring.

If you’re feeling your cheeks flush pink just thinking about yours, (and I am sure my work mates are cringing to see what photos I put up), don’t worry you’re not alone. In fact, hundreds of us have been there and most importantly, survived to tell the tale.

Though to be honest we were a well-behaved crowd, or I should say “what happens in Lucky’s restaurant, stays in Lucky’s restaurant.

I cannot thank and would not hesitate to recommend Lucky’s Club and Unique Life Style Hotel for their service and the most amazing meal.

There were at least 40 starters before the main meal and as you will see from the images, the desert was remarkable.

Here follows a few of our photographs.

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